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Contact lenses, when used properly, are very convenient and, with the latest advancements in technology, are extremely comfortable. Most of the time you will hardly know you are wearing them, though you will certainly notice how clear your vision is. Contact lenses are small lenses worn, on the surface of the eye to correct vision.

We are happy to discuss the options available for you. Many patients choose contact lenses for their primary vision correction and glasses for back-up or part-time wear.

Many patients prefer to wear glasses for the majority of their day, but have activities and events where they'd rather not wear their glasses and choose contact lenses for these times.

If you are a first-time wearer, click here for wearing instructions.

Acuvue Acuvue

1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® Brand Contact Lenses

• New day, new pair of lenses. 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® Brand offers the healthiest, most convenient way to wear contacts.
• Experience exceptional end-of-day comfort in this daily disposable contact lens from the ACUVUE® Brand.
• 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® Brand is the only daily disposable lens with LACREON™†, our exclusive technology that locks in a moisture-rich ingredient for a fresh lens feeling and end-of-day comfort.
• 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® lenses are extremely convenient.  You wear them once, then toss them away at the end of the day.
• These lenses are visibility tinted and have an inside-out mark for easy handling.

ACUVUE® OASYS™ Brand Contact Lenses with HYDRACLEAR® Plus
Take the Comfort Challenge today!

• ACUVUE® OASYS™ Brand Contact Lenses are so comfortable; they feel almost like nothing at all!
• Experience HYDRACLEAR® Plus** technology and revitalize eyes, even when in challenging environments that can make them feel tired and dry.  They can significantly reduce the need for rewetting drops.
• These lenses are visibility tinted and have an inside-out mark for easy handling. 

ACUVUE® OASYS™ Brand Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

• Crisp, clear vision all day long
• Breakthrough Accelerated Stabilization Design that harnesses the power of every blink to help keep vision consistent and clear.
• Exclusive HYDRACLEAR® Plus technology – the next generation of HYDRACLEAR® with even more smoothness and breathability.
• So comfortable, they’ll feel almost like wearing no lens at all.
• All the benefits of ACUVUE® OASYS™, now available for astigmatism

Important information for contact lens wearers: ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses are available by prescription only for vision correction.  An eye care professional will determine whether contact lenses are right for you. Although rare, serious eye problems can develop while wearing contact lenses. To help avoid these problems, follow the wear and replacement schedule and the lens care instructions provided by your doctor. Do not wear lenses if you have an eye infection, or experience eye discomfort, excessive tearing, vision changes, redness or other eye problems.  If one of these conditions occurs, contact your eye doctor immediately.  For more information on proper wear, care and safety, talk to your eye care professional and ask for Patient Instruction Guide, call 1-800-843-2020 or visit

1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST®, HYDRACLEAR®, LACREON™, ACUVUE® 2™, ACUVUE® 2 COLOURS™ are trademarks of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

†1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® is the only daily disposable lens with LACREON™ Technology, which permanently embeds a water-holding ingredient, similar to that found in natural tears, into the proven etafilcon A contact lens material.

**HYDRACLEAR® Plus is the brand name of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. for the next generation of its proprietary technology that allows a higher volume of a moisture-rich wetting agent in a new, state-of-the-art formulation.  This creates a more wettable, ultra smooth contact lens, especially for challenging environments that can make eyes feel dry.

ACUVUE® and ACUVUE® 2 COLOURS™ are trademarks of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

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Contact Lens Types

Alcon contacts The types of contact lenses available have increased significantly over the past few years. There are contact lenses available for almost everyone. Many or our patients were told in the past that they couldn't wear contacts, or unsuccessfully tried contact lenses. You owe it to yourself to see what's new. We carry many options, and promise to do our best in selecting contact lenses that you'll love wearing. Choose from the following list for a brief look at some of the options available.

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Conventional Soft Lenses 

Soft lenses are very comfortable and come in a variety of types, depending on the wearer's needs. Conventional soft lenses are worn during the day, and cleaned and stored at night. Usually once a week the lenses must be cleaned using an enzymatic cleaner, which removes protein deposits. These lenses can last for a year or more if your prescription stays the same and you take good care of them.

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Disposable Soft Lenses 

Disposable soft lenses are much more popular than conventional soft lenses. These lenses are worn for a period of time then, of course, thrown away. The most well-known disposables last for two weeks. There are also one-month, one-week and one-day disposables. These are perfect for many patients who were told they couldn't wear contact lenses because of allergies or mild dry eye conditions. They have a low cost per lens and are also popular for athletes and hobbyists who don't necessarily want to wear contact lenses every day.

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Tinted Soft Lenses 

Next, you have tinted soft lenses, available in conventional, disposable, or frequent replacement types. With tinted soft lenses, you can change your eye color or enhance your eye color. Even if you don't need corrective lenses, you can use "plano" tinted lenses to change your eye color

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Bifocal Soft Lenses 

Recent technology has greatly improved bifocal soft lenses. Many patients past their 40s who need bifocals can now enjoy the comfort and benefits of soft contact lenses.

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Toric Soft Lenses 

Toric lenses are used to correct astigmatism. Astigmatism is a vision condition where an irregularly shaped cornea affects the vision. In the past, if you had astigmatism, your only options were either glasses or hard gas permeable contact lenses. But toric lenses now offer an alternative. There are several types of toric lenses to choose from.

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Extended Wear Soft Lenses 

Extended wear lenses are the result of new technology in lens materials that transmit more oxygen to the cornea of the eye. Some of these lens materials can be worn up to 30 days, day and night, without removal. Extended wear lenses can last one week, two weeks, or one month, depending upon the lens material and your doctor's recommendations.

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Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses 

As the name implies, these lenses are hard and gas permeable. If you've been told you can't wear soft lenses, RGP lenses are often a great alternative. RGP lenses are available in specialized designs to correct just about any vision disorder.

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There are a variety of solutions available from many different manufacturers. The important thing to remember is that not every solution is right for every type of contact lens. Some contact lenses require the use of multipurpose solutions, while others require separate solutions for the four steps in contact lens care: disinfecting, cleaning, rinsing, and enzyming. Use only the lens solutions that are recommended by your eye doctor. If you wish to change brands, check with our office first.

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